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Carton Flow Rack Systems

Carton flow racks are storage systems that utilize gravity to store, organize, and retrieve materials within a warehouse. Carton flow rack systems are ideal for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory configurations since the products or materials are loaded at the back of the rack and flow naturally to the front once the very first product has been removed. Carton flow racks maximize warehouse efficiency, increase employee productivity, and can save your business tons of money.

Gravity flow racks are perfect for warehouses or industrial facilities whose operations rely on high volume picking of smaller items. This is because the automatic flow of materials from back to front optimize FIFO operations, giving workers access to the stock they seek in an organized, effortless manner.

As a result, industries such as food and beverage or automotive parts will benefit from a carton flow rack system. These material flow racks can be placed in cold environments to store perishable items, and their structure keeps items organized by SKU so workers can easily find and retrieve what they need. Inversely, industries that handle bulkier items or pallets will benefit more from other storage systems that can hold larger materials such as drive-in pallet racks or cantilever rack systems.

The installation and configuration of a carton flow rack system can be a daunting task. That is why Mid-South Material Handling offers—in addition to affordable and high-quality storage systems—comprehensive warehouse services that include designing, transporting, and installing your chosen storage system at your site. Not only will we deliver and install the carton flow rack system, but we will also take charge of making your warehouse or industrial facility as efficient as possible by maximizing space for increased productivity and profits.

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