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Damotech Racking

Every warehouse goes through safety challenges. As hard as you try and as cautious as you may be, accidents cannot be completely eradicated from your warehouse or industrial facility. However, you can prevent accidents and damages from crippling your productivity and costing you thousands of dollars by equipping your facility with Damotech warehouse racking protection equipment. Here at Mid-South Material Handling, we are certified Damotech rack installation and sales specialists and can provide your business with the necessary safety tools so you can protect your investment and the livelihood of your workers.

    Damotech racking protection equipment includes guardrails, rack column protectors, pallet stoppers, and more. As a result, we can provide everything you could possibly need to shield your storage racks against possible forklift impacts, prevent your employees from falling onto high-traffic forklift paths, and even replace damaged columns for added load support. Damotech racking safety products are the best in the industry, and by partnering with Mid-South Material Handling, you have access to both Damotech rack repair and racking protection equipment all in one place.

    No matter which pallet storage system you have, Damotech racking protection equipment is a sound investment for your business. In fact, pallet rack protection equipment is a much more cost-effective solution in the long term than replacing an entire pallet rack. However, if your rack storage system is already damaged, our rapid Damotech rack repair services can save you a headache or two. Damotech’s rack repair kits are built to measure and fit on any type of rack storage system from any manufacturer. They are not only adaptable to the rack’s original configuration, but they also maintain its load capacity and offer protection against future impacts.

    Give us a call at (479) 353-1555 or send us an e-mail at sales@midsouthmh.com, and discover how Mid-South Material Handling can make your warehouse more secure.