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Structural Pallet Racks

Structural pallet racks are made of heavy, high-quality steel to withstand heavy loads and resist possible forklift impacts that may cause permanent damage. As a result, this heavy-duty pallet racking system is ideal for warehouses storing heavy materials, as well as fast paced facilities where forklift accidents are common. Structural racks also have deep storage isles. That means more storage space and the ability to hold more pallets. Finally, structural pallet racks are made for strength and durability, making them a great investment toward the future of your business.

Though increased rigidity and durability are excellent when it comes to material storage solutions, you must consider the needs of your warehouse before committing to a particular pallet rack system. Since structural steel pallet racks are more robust than the typical pallet rack, they are higher in price. In addition, to provide higher strength and longer durability, structural racks allow for limited adjustability, making it harder to replace parts and are therefore not recommended for facilities where storage space distribution changes constantly.

Mid-South Material Handling is a prime supplier of everything warehouse, including rack and dock equipment, as well as installation and repair services. For that reason, you can find the best deals with us on structural storage racks and warehouse solutions. If structural pallet racks are what you’re looking for, we offer new and used systems for you to choose the best one for your pocketbook and your business. To make sure that you maximize the space and potential profit from your operations, we offer to design, install, and layout the storage structure of your warehouse.

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