Mid-South Material Handling, LLC

Warehouse Liquidation Services

Are you closing up shop and looking to get rid of your warehouse racking and equipment? Mid-South Material Handling offers warehouse liquidation services that include purchasing and hauling off your used pallet racking systems, loading dock equipment, and any other warehouse tools that you want to liquidate.

The advantage of hiring our warehouse equipment liquidation services is that we provide our own qualified and expert crew to dismantle and remove those pieces of equipment from your site so you don’t have to. Our warehouse liquidation services mean one less thing to worry about as you close up shop and prepare for the next chapter of your business, whether that is pivoting to something else or moving into a new and larger facility.

In fact, here at Mid-South Material Handling, we provide comprehensive warehouse services for all our customers, no matter what their needs are! We are flexible and ready to provide solutions to your warehouse storage problems. That is why, if you are moving into a new facility, on top of purchasing and handling your old equipment, we can sell you high-quality, high-performance storage racks and other warehouse essentials so you can start business on the right foot. In addition, we can assist you with the transportation, installation, and space layout of your brand-new warehouse so you can maximize the space and profits of your business.

Mid-South Material Handling offers accurate and honest appraisals for all your warehouse equipment. Once we know the condition of your old warehouse equipment, we will offer you a fair price for all of your pallet racking and loading dock systems in addition to taking care of all of the heavy lifting for you.

Give us a call at (479) 353-1555 or contact us through e-mail at sales@midsouthmh.com, to inquire about our warehouse and pallet racking liquidation services. Let us get your warehouse cleared out as soon as possible!